Inlay & Hand-Carved

Inlays is decorative art of using cut pieces of highly polished colored stones to fit it into marble, to create images or designs. Rajasthani Inlays used the famous Parchin kari ( also known as Pietra dura, in stone on the Taj Mahal Agra and Rajasthan’s Mahal), Taarkashi ( done with intricate geometric forms or florals from Mughal arts, Tarkashi work is seen in the old palaces and Mahal of Rajasthan ) techniques.

Glass or Mirror Inlay and Bone Inlay are also very popular in global market, Very first choice of the Royal interior designers. Our Inlay handicrafts artistically rendered with clear finishing just to add unmatched richness and artistic excellence to your home décor collection.

If you are looking to add masterpiece you should definitely go with this beautiful work.

Stone Inlay

Bone Inlay

Glass Inlay

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